Lateral Thinking “Thinking Outside the box”


1. One father and son was going somewhere in a car. In the car accident father died on the spot; son who was severely injured was taken to the hospital. When he was on the operation theater the surgeon said ‘oh my god ! I can not operate this boy because he is my son’. How is this possible ?
Ans : Many people say that the doctor is the grandfather or stepfather or may be doctor’s own son looks like the boy. Many believe that the person who died is the father of church. But all these people think according to a rigid mental set in which they assume all the professionals as male and in order to prove their assumptions they think within that box (mental set).
But only two people in the world can really tell you ‘you are my son or daughter’ either mother or father. The surgeon was the mother of that boy.

2. A police officer saw a truck driver clearly going the wrong way down on a one way street. But he didn’t stop him. Why ?
Ans : The truck driver was walking on that street. He was not there with his truck.

3. An interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. Coffee arrived and kept before the candidate. Then the interviwer asked ‘ what is before you’? The candidate instantly replied ‘Tea’. He got selected. Why ?
Ans : In A,B,C,D “T” comes before “U”

4. A Truck became fixed under a low bridge. It could not move forward or backward without severely damaging the roof of the bridge. The truc driver was confused until a little girl standing near by suggested an easy solution. What was it?
Ans : She asked him to remove a little air from the tiers of the truck. By this the truck will come little down and the driver can easily move out from that place.

5. Ameba divides themselves every minute into two equal organisms. These in turn also divide every minute and so on. The dish in which we started observing this process was full at 12:00. When was it full to half?
Ans : It was at 11:59 because in another minute they doubled. (e.g. 50X2=100)

6. Two plans take off at the same time form two different places. One leaves New York and is flying to Paris at 500 miles per hour. The other leaves the Paris and is flying to New York at 450 miles per hour. Which one will be closer to paris when they meet?
Ans : They both will be at same distance from Paris.

7. Two mathematicians are sitting opposite to each other for a coffee. They looked at the matter written on the paper which is kept on the table. One said ‘It’s wrong’ another said ‘It’s right’ Both are correct. How is it possible? What was written on the paper?
Ans : IX + I = X from another side it looks X = I + XI

8. Three friends go to a coffee shop for the coffee. The waiter gives then bill for 30 Rs. And each pays Rs. 10 for their share. As they are about to leave, the manager realizes that there is a special discount on the coffee and in place of 30 Rs. He should take only 25 Rs. He gives 5 Rs. To the waiter to return the money. The waiter gives the money to the friends but 5 Rs. are difficult to share amongst them so they give 2 Rs. as a tip to waiter and keeps 1 -1 Rs. each for themselves. However one of the friend is not satisfied with that he says ‘ Look ! Each one of us paid 9 Rs. for the coffee which means total 27 Rs. 2 Rs. we have given to waiter; so 27 +2 =29. Where is the extra money ?
Ans : The amount is balanced as 3 Rs. are there with them. Total 27 they paid for the coffee; so 27+3=30. Two Rupees of waiter is already included in the 27 Rs.

9. An engineer had a brother who died two days back. What is the relation of the engineer with the person who died ? (Not brother)
Ans : Engineer was the sister of person who died.

10. All fares of a bus are either 7 Rs. or 10 Rs. Two ladies Meera and Sonali board the bus from same depot. They are of approximately same age. They both are traveling on the same route first time; so driver or conductor no one knows them. In the bus when Meera gave conductor 10 Rs. without asking anything he gave her 10 Rs. Ticket but when Sonali gave him 10 Rs. he asked you want 7 Rs. Ticket or 10 Rs. Ticket? Why is that difference?
Ans : Because Meera Gave 10 Rs. change So its ovious that she wants 10 Rs. Ticket but Sonali gives 10 Rs. Note so he had to ask.

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