Hands that heal


You and I possess within us, in every moment of our lives, under all circumstances the power to transform the quality of our lives.  – Werner Erhard


We all know currently societies all over the world are vigorously searching for new psycho-spiritual methods to get rid of unnecessarily stress, anger, worry, anxiety, depression, frustration, fatigue to enhance our lives, and make this earth a better place to live in, to heal ourselves and others, and to get closer to our conscience.


One such method of our old Sanskrit sutras which was rediscovered recently in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui is ‘Reiki’. The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ means universal life force energy, the energy which brings forth all life in the universe and nourishes it. Reiki is a healing method based on transfer of this universal life energy into the body by way of touch, which accelerate the healing process and thus balance the physical and mental state of our body.


Reiki is a natural system of great simplicity, since nothing other than our will power is required to carry it out. The real difference is in the attunement process which a person undergoes at various levels of the Reiki course. There are three levels of Reiki course which are conducted by the Reiki masters at regular intervals. Every person of any age group, religion, gender or educational background can enroll himself/herself for the first level of Reiki course. After first degree a person can attend second level degree. Third degree is for people who want to gain the deep spiritual knowledge and real meaning of their lives.


Reiki is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress release. It works holistically and affects every individual in a special way, the result being determined by the needs of the person being treated. In short it works as a pathway to good health, joy, peace, happiness and harmony. Many students practicing Reiki before their examination are able to perform better due to unwavering attention, penetrating perception and relaxed and focused mindset. Also many students have acquired sharp memory and deep concentration as a result of this method. As the experience of beautiful and exotic sunset can not be adequately conveyed through words, it has to be experienced, in the same way Reiki must be experienced in order to be appreciated.

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