Career options with PCB


Agricultural Scientist (study farm and animals and develop ways of improving their quantity and quality.)

Biochemist (study and analyze molecular structure, chemical composition And properties of biomolecules like carbohydrates, proteins etc.)

Biotechnologist (Manipulate and re-engineer genetic and other materials of living cells, to create pharmaceutical diagnostic, agricultural, environmental and other products to benefit society.)

Dentist (Diagnose, prevent and treat teeth and related tissue problems. Sometimes perform corrective surgeries also.)

Doctor (Diagnose diseases and illness and then prescribe and administer medicine to treat and cure those.)

Environmental Scientist (Conduct research to identify and abate or eliminate sources of pollutants that affect people, wildlife and environment.)

Indian medicine- Ayurved (Use a combination of detoxification, diet, exercise, herbs and techniques to improve mental and physical health.)

Homeopathy (Involved in history taking, examination and investigation, establishing the diagnosis and curing the disease.)

Marine Biologist (Study marine organism, their behaviours, their habitates and their interaction with environment.)

Medical Technologist (Examine and analyze body fluids, tissues and cells. Operating and maintaining various medical instruments.)

Nurse (Advocates and health educators or patients, families and communities. Specialized in a particular area of medical speciality. )

Nutritiononist and Dietician (Plan food and nutrition programmes, supervise the preparation and serving of meals. Prevent and treat illness like hypertension, obesity by promoting healthy eating habits.)

Physiotherapist (Provide services that help to restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain involving the muscular-skeletal structure and system of people suffering from injuries or diseases.)

Speech Therapist (Assess patients with verbal communication disorder and plan individual treatment.)

Vetenary Doctor (Healthcare of pets, livestock, zoo, sporting and laboratory animals .)

Competitive Exams

For Agriculture Science : Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi conducts an
All India Entrance Examination for admission to undergraduate courses in agriculture (usually in May).
Admission to State level colleges may be based on merit or performance in the entrance exam as per the rules prevailing in state.

For Biotechnology : Entrance tests conducted by various universities, Common Entrance Test-(Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasth University, New Delhi), Through IIT-JEE (Maths Students)

For Environmental Science :Entrance Tests conducted by various universities, Through GATE (Maths students)

For Medical Technologist : Entrance Tests conducted by various universities, On the basis of merit

For Dietitian :Entrance Tests conducted by various universities

For Veterinary : The veterinary council of India conducts an All India Common Entrance Examinations for admission to 15% seats in veterinary Colleges. Announcement comes in the month of December-January.

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