Three steps to score well in mathematics…..


Mathematic is a very important subject that is indeed necessary for increasing percentage, for getting major career streams and also for functioning adequately in society. So get three steps towards mastering this subject :

  1. When your teaching is explaining the rules of using formula; write it down in your own language in the copy or book immediately. This method will help you to make your concepts clear.
  2. Practice regularly with textbook but once in a week compulsorily use unsolved papers or mixed exercise. You can ask your parents or anyone who helps in your studies to make a question paper including multiple chapters and then solve it.  This way you will avoid confusion about the different formula which have minute difference and with which you usually face problems during examination.
  3. Ask someone to check your practice copy so that you can understand at which step you are committing mistakes. It will be easy for you to understand it at this place rather after examination when your answer is either right or wrong.

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