Journalism/ Mass Communication

Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items. 
Journalism is classified into two categories:
(i) Print Journalism and
(ii) Electronic Journalism.

Print Journalism includes newspapers, magazines and journals.

 Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and the Web.
Educational Qualification
Bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree in journalism/mass communication is required to pursue a career in this field.
Additional course work, specialized training or experience, fieldwork or internship increases one’s opportunities in the field. 
There are also courses in specialized areas of journalism like sports, television, photo, press law etc. 
Personal Attributes
To become a journalist one should have an inquisitive mind, will power, an aptitude for presenting information in an accurate, concise and effective manner, organize their thoughts and to express themselves clearly both orally and in writing.
At the same time a journalist has to be tactful, confident and organized while interviewing people from all walks of life.
They must have the ability to sift relevant facts from the irrelevant. The ability to accept criticism and willingness to do considerable rewriting are also necessary.
Career Options in Journalism
Journalists can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, staff or freelance writer, photojournalists, proofreaders, news analysts etc. in print (newspapers and magazines) and electronic (Radio, Television and Web) media. 
Top 10 Journalism Colleges in India
  1. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
  2. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  3. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune
  5. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  6. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  7. AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research, Jamia, New Delhi
  8. Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam
  9. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  10. Times School of Journalism, New Delhi

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