Help your child to improve concentration


Twelve years old Mayank is a hi-tech boy. He is interested in mobile, computer, video games and T.V. but can not concentrate in his studies at all.
His patents feel proud when he shares technology related information with them but it comes to his study and reading habits they are totally unhappy. Moreover his mother has just received a complaint form a teacher that he has become absent-minded.

This is a very common situation in our society. Parents are surprised to see the proficiency of their children in electronic gadgets and many a time they do not find any harm in using these things for several hours.

BUT it’s a time to wake up and understand the harmful impact of these things. Researches have shown that children who spend 3 to 4 hours in watching t.v or playing video-games or computer games have low level of concentration, inability to sit and study even for few minutes, poor memory retention and has little regard for their surroundings. Many parents do not pay attention on these symptoms or they are just ignorant of the severity of the problem but it is a very serious problem, a sort of addiction which hampers the child’s mental skills and make him a daydreamer, a poor performer and unskilled to deal with the challenges of every day life.
In China many rehabilitation centers are opened to treat problems caused by addiction of electronic gadgets.

Steps to overcome this problem :
• Avoid T.V., Computer games, Video games : Reduce the time of watching T.V. or playing games on mobile or computer. It should not be more than 30 minutes a day. Ask them strictly to follow the rules.
• Encourage Outdoor games and memory games : Encourage your child to play outdoor games. Outdoor games make the child active, improve his concentration and make him quick in response.
Memory games help the child to think, analyze and find out different solution of a problem.
• Meditations : Ask your child to sit quietly with closed eyes. You can play some melodious music or chanting of mantras or song any thing which make your child relax and help him to meditate.
You can send him for regular meditation classes also.
• Develop a habit of reading good books : Buy some interesting books for your child and ask him to read whenever he is free or feeling bore.
• Stop use of mobile or T.V. during Family time : Set a family time when all members of family sit together and talk. Do not allow use of electronic gadgets during that time. It is also observed that during family functions also children pick someone’s mobile and start playing games. Stop him immediately and do not give space to develop such habit.

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