Five Top Strategies to Keep Students Learning in a Calm Classroom Environment


Kids are kids. If they are not actively engaged in the lesson, they will become actively engaged in something else i.e. disruptive behavior. Try these five strategies to keep them learning :

1. Set some gound rule at the bignning of the session. Tell them clearly what you expect in the classroom and also set some consequenses with the non-complience.

2.  Teachers often find that certain objects (such as pen, pencil, eraser) distract the attention of students in the classroom. They start playing with the items which are there in the hand. The removal of distructing items is generally most effective method. Ask the student to put All the things away immediately.

3. Make instructions more interesting by choosing a specific lesson topic that you know will appeal to students. Don’t lecture for the whole period. Plan some learning activities to make them actively engaged.

4. Do not stand at one place and teach. Get into the rows. When students are being disruptive by talking, pulling or crumpling paper, go stand by them. This sends them a direct message to stop what they are doing and get back to work.

5.  Talk to your students. If you see them in the mall, in the cafeteria or at the grocery store, ask them how they are. If your student is getting prize in competition or he has achieved something; congratulate him. If they do something nice, tell them that you appreciate their kindness. This lets them know that you really do care about them.

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