Be ready for the Examinations ..


Here are Five simple steps to do well in exams :

1. Divide the lessons and subjects as per the available time : Write down on a piece of paper that everyday you will complete how many chapters of which subject. Take at least two subjects in a day and try to cover maximum course.

2. Increase the frequency not intensity: If you have four chapters and four days don’t take one chapter everyday. Try to cover all four chapters in one day so that you will have a orientation of all chapters. Now you take two days revision of all chapters and at last you will be revising all four chapters third time.

3. Be fast: Don’t be slow in reading or learning. Be quick s that you won’t distract and will be able to finish the course on time.

4. Make keywords for easy recall: When you are reading or learning something make the flow chart, make the points out of the paragraph and underline keywords.
In mathematics; write down the rules of using formulas in your own language to make it easy to understand and easy to recall.

5. Practice at home : Ask someone at your home to make a question paper with all the chapters involved. This way you will be aware of your mistakes and will also get time to eliminate them.

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